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What's in a name? After all, it is just your brand, your identity.

If I showed you a picture an orange background with a white would all know what company brand that was. Let's go further, I don't even have to show you an image, I can just say, "golden arches" and you know what company I am referring to; McDonald's of course. Brand recognition is huge.

For large companies with a gazillion dollars to spend on advertising, brand recognition seems easy, however, no matter the size of your company, there is one rule for building your brand that everyone should follow: Brand Integration.

Simply put, brand integration means making sure that every aspect of your marketing communication has your branding and is telling a consistent message. From business cards to websites, printed materials, to sales promotions, all work as a united force to tell the story of your company, your brand.

In smaller companies or start ups, where there is often little or no budget for marketing, it goes even further, as it is less about brand recognition and more about being found, you want to make sure that all your marketing materials look like they are from the same company; the same brand. And in today's world of online marketing, it is even easier to integrate, as many of the platforms help you do that with just a few clicks.

For start ups, I recommend starting with a good "off the shelf" web platform like Wix or Squarespace. They both have robust back end integration and marketing platforms that make it easy to manage your brand and get your name out there.

When it comes to print advertising, it really depends on where your audience is and what your product is on whether or not it is effective. Many "printed" pieces can do double duty by using the same file in your online marketing, for example, I wouldn't run out and print 1,000 brochures for a start up. I would create a digital brochure and have it on my site as a download, and something that I can email to prospective clients.

Digital marketing and social channel management hold the best opportunity for small and start ups to get their name out there and their brand more visible, plus integration linking with social channels has never been easier.

So maybe your logo isn't famous yet, but you can get there, even if it is just your little pond. Just be consistent and you will build your brand recognition which will translate into more business for your company.

Good luck and we are here if you need help.


One Crow Consulting

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