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"Do the one thing that you are afraid of."

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Do the one thing that you are afraid of." I think about this often when faced with playing it safe or taking that risk. I will say it in my head and sometimes out loud.

Business is fraught with risk taking, but for the most part, they can, and should be calculated risks. We research, we study, we analyze, but in the end, entrepreneurship can come down to taking leap of faith right along with that risk.

"You just know". Well, sometimes you don't, you just have to try.

In business, we might refer to it as a "gut feeling" to make it sound tougher and less

woo-woo, but the fact is, not everything is within our control and business should be equal part research and emotion. Don't ever let someone tell you there is no room for emotions in business. That was something "they" used to say to us women to keep us down in the work place--making the assumption that women were more emotional, as if that was a bad thing.

However, using both logic and emotion is the key to successful entrepreneurship. In fact, if you are not passionate about business, why do it. If you are not passionate about starting a business, you really shouldn't do it. If you feel afraid, that is good, channel it and focus that fear into a laser beam of activity, use it to build your business and help yourself grow in the process.

Fear isn't just good in business, it has been my strongest companion and ally. So, follow the words of Eleanor, and Nike and just do it.

You got this.

Kelle Dvorak Vandenberg

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