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Business with a Conscience.


MLK Day started to honor the life of the great Rev. Martin Luther King and the sacrifice he made, so that someday all people could have a better life. But ultimately, he was a man of service and the best way we can honor him, is to incorporate service into our lives and into our business.

People want to work somewhere that believes in giving back to their community, and people want to buy from companies that give back as part of their normal business plan. Putting people on the same importance as profits will, in the end, strengthen your company, your position within your community, and may just make you a happier human being in the process. Also, it will increase profitability, I have seen it happen.

People are tired of corporate greed. When I started One Crow Consulting, I was determined to put people first. To make time for volunteer work, to accept pro bono clients, and to mentor in our community. As I grow, I will increase our philanthropic stance and offer monthly community service days to my employees where we all go as a company and pitch in where needed within our community and have employees help drive our Business with a Conscience Program.

This last weekend I gave a talk at a women's confab to honor the Women's March and our continued struggle for equality. The reoccurring thought from many men and women alike was simply this: "build the world you want to see".

Never have we needed it more.


Kelle Dvorak Vandenberg

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